Methodological Treatment of the Unit of Study Special Theory of Relativity in the Pre-university

  • I. Puente-Serrano IPU Microuniversidad “Rafael María de Mendive”
  • J. R. Morasen Universidad de Ciencias Pedagógicas “Frank País García” Santiago de Cuba
  • F. Guerrero Departamento de Física. Facultad de Ciencias Naturales. Universidad de Oriente


The objective of this research work, is to support the teachers’ work at the time of teaching the unit “Special Theory of relativity”. In their study must facilities a better content interpretation corresponding to every class, it offers suggestions about effective forms to their development, its use could be very useful, mainly for novel professor in-formation and without any experience in the grade. On the other hand this is not any actualization in the methodological orientation; it is used one from 1980 that was edited, in correspondence with the pedagogical model for that time.The teaching-learning process of Physics in senior high school for twelfth grade is based on the systematization and deeping of contents, under the didactic conception and principle of scientic character of teaching. In this sense this unit of study has a great importance for the students, to split the fact, that it was argued the experimental fact of the existence of a higher limit for the speed of the body and the value of the light speed do not depend of reference system chosen it was interpreted the main postulated of the especial Theory of Relativity and it was analyzed some of its kinematical con-sequences, the relativity of especial and temporal intervals. For the social and cultural importance that rever this unit of study, it is proposed one methodology that with permit to the teachers to lead the teaching-learning process to split two methodological procedures (logical construction of the content and integration with the studied units in senior high school).

Dec 5, 2011
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