New-concept Nanostructured Solar Cells

  • E. Vigil Facultad de Física, Univiversidad de La Habana


New types of solar cells based on nanostructured materials are intensively studied because of their prospective applications and interesting new working principle – essentially due to the particle size of nanomaterials used. Relatively high efciencies have been obtained using low-temperature technology and materials that do not require high purity; therefore, their low cost represents an important incentive. Novel type photovoltaic devices have evolved from dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) in the quest to improve their behavior and characteristics, particularly their lifetime. These solar cells are described and their working principle, not completely clear so far, is explained using the better known DSSC. An analysis is made of the implications of having a nano-sized three-dimensional structure in these solar cells. Different solid sensitized solar cells are briey reviewed as well as actual and foreseeable research trends.

Aug 10, 2011
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