Experimenting with Pyramids

  • J. L. Álvarez González Laboratorio de Electrofisiología, Instituto de Cardiología y Cirugía Cardiovascular, La Habana, Cuba


Pyramidal therapy is based on the belief that a nonferrous pyramid of certain proportions and orientation is able to concentrate energy and to exert multiple actions from sharpening of used shaving blades to cure dissimilar ailments in humans. At this moment it is one of the most flimsy pseudoscientific expressions in our country. Its central dogma is inconsistent with the Law of Conservation of Energy. The amazing results obtained with pyramidal energy are just anecdotic and have never been published in peer reviewed journals. In the present article an analysis of this pseudoscientific expression is done and as well, results from rigorous experiments confirming the nonexistence of this false energy are discussed.

Jun 2, 2008
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